FRESHLITE® All Health Begins with Absorption

Digestive & Gut Health

Postbiotics+Vitamins C, D3, E

Natural Relief

Heartburn, IBS, Diarrhoea, Constipation & Bloating


Digestive Health Begins With Less Bad Gut Bacteria & Better Absorption

Vascular Health

Postbiotics+Nattokinase 2500FU

Natural Relief

Blood Sugar, Pressure & Flow


Managing Blood Sugar, Pressure & Flow Begins With Gut Absorption

FRESHLITE delight your lifeour approach

  • Pioneer in Postbiotics | Founded in Japan in 2016, we are now also in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China.

  • All health begins with absorption | Let's go back to basic. No health is possible without effective nutrient-absorption in gut. We believe, Postbiotics is the key to good gut hence the enhanced absorption for ALL health.

  • Keep it simple, natural and effective | No complicated. We design simple, natural and effective formula, back by science. Free from artificial preservatives, additives & unnecessary ingredients.

The Power of Postbiotics | All Health Begins With Adsorption

  • what are Postbiotics?

    1. Post-biotics are NOT Pro-biotics. It comprises of natural compounds, such as inactivated microbial cells, metabolites & nutrients secreted by good gut bacteria*.
    2. Postbiotics are mostly nutrients, NOT living bacteria. Postbiotics are mostly nutrients incl. Short-Chain Fattty Acids (SCFAs), functional proteins & metabolic essences vital for health*.
    3. Primary source of health effect of probiotics. Vast recent studies found that Postbiotics are primary & direct source of health effect of probiotics, and more stable and effective than Probiotics*.
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  • Why Postbiotics?

    1. Suppress "bad" gut bacteria for gut health. It could suppress "bad" gut bacteria and support "native" good bacteria growth to restore gut flora balance*.
    2. Stomach Acid Proof & absorbed directly. Postbiotics are mostly nutrients which are stomach acid proof and directly absorbed*.
    3. More stable and effective than Probiotics. Unlike probiotics which are living bacteria, Postbiotics are stomach acid proof nutrients which could be absorbed directly, it is more stable and effective*.
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  • Postbiotics: Key to digestive & gut health & nutrient absorption "Amplifier"

    1. Restore gut flora balance for health. The key to gut health is balance of gut flora. By suppressing "bad" gut bacteria and supporting "good" & "native" gut bacteria growth*, Postbiotics restore the natural balance of gut flora which is vital of good and effective absorption in gut*.
    2. Nutrient absorption "Amplifier"."Bad" gut bacteria is closely link to absorption of sugar & bad fats**. With less "bad" bacterica and more "good" & "native" gut bacteria, Postbiotics in turn reduce absorbing "bad" material, and ampllify "good" nutrients absorption***.
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60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • We are confident in our quality products. If however you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, no worries, you have 100% money back guarantee within 60 days after you your purchase from FREHSLITE UK.

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